Monday, August 16, 2010

After the Fest

CLIT was actually pretty fun. I didn't get a chance to really see any of the bands cuz I was stuck at my table all night, but I had fun anyway. I also actually remembered at one point to take a couple pictures for TA. Mostly of folks wearing my shirts n stuff. I still get a little exited when I see that. I guess they sold a lot of them too.

CLIT 2010

CLIT 2010

The art show was alright, they didnt end up with as much space as they thought so I didnt get to hand what I wanted to. They still put up three of my things. They had two of Halsey's (Halseycaust) ink drawings too I think this was the first time we've been up together at the same show. There was also some really cool pieces from the girl who does the artwork for 'Cull' (PDX) that I had never seen before. I told them all Id be psyched if they wanted to do another, bigger show together.

CLIT 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

C.L.I.T. Fest PDX 2010

So, CLIT Fest is using one of my drawings for the fest this year which is cool. Its going on the shirts, poster and some of the fliers. I still find it weird to see something I drew kicking around on a telephone pole all the way up in seattle (I was there this weekend for a different fest, which was pretty awesome).


They are having an art show with a bunch of other local punk artists during the fest too. I'm going to be hanging two brand new pieces (this is assuming I get my ass together and finish them) and something out of the pile. The new ones are the same two drawings Ive been working on for a while now. Im kind of using this as an excuse to force myself to finish them.



Those photos are from last week, Ive done a lot more to them since then. I probably wont get the chance to scan them between the time I finish them and hang em at the venue so I wont be able to post them online, but they will be hanging there for the rest of August.

I would also like to add, that this afternoon I successfully made palatable pork chops. This is a first and I am very pleased.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stroking my ego

So I had a feature on the PRISMACOLOR home page the other day. Its really not a big thing at all, but it sure as hell made an otherwise wicked shitty week a little better for me.

prismacolor is the company that makes the markers and colored pencils I use.

They have a techniques forum you can submit ideas to and get feedback from other artists and every week they pick someone they like. Last week it was me. I thought that was pretty fucking cool.



Thursday, July 8, 2010

Surviving the heat wave.

I guess Portland gets hot like, two weeks a year and this week is a record breaker. Its not as bad as Boston thats for damn sure, but its hotter here then its ever been while Ive been out here.

My intentions are to remain hidden in the basement drawing monsters until it cools off and starts to rain again.

Ive been drawing cthulu over and over again for some reason, I have like, seven versions of this drawing and I finally made the commitment to actually make a real effort.

Its far from even halfway done, but Im having fun with it.


Heres the study did for the mermaid that's going down on the bottom.


Im hoping to get a good chunk of it done this weekend before I have to focus on a bunch of the commission work Ive acquired. I'm doing two more murals now, so Ive really got my work cut out for me this month.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Passing the time...

So, Ive been busy. Really, really busy. I moved into the place Ill be living in for the rest of the summer (I hope anyway), I completely re did my studio and set up a workshop in the hallway behind it. So now I can work on bones and my wood projects in a better ventilated area. Ill have photos of that when I manage to get back down there and clean it up a little more.

Some of the things I have managed to get together. kevin decided he wanted the logo on his vest, so I added that.

Ive been drawing like a crazy. This makes me happy, Ill post some of that finished stuff here too, soon as I get it scanned. Some of the sketches for the stuff Im working on:
Color study for a mural Im (eventually) doing at some coffee shop.

Sketch for huge painting:

When I cant concentrate on something Im supposed to be drawing I have managed to keep going with some sweet doodling.
Some crappy sketches Im never going to do anything with:

Drew a sea dragon for my cousin (hes 9).

I dunno. Shit is still kind of weird on my planet. Im doing my best to not let it slow me down any. Ill post more once I get my sorry ass more organized.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Shirt Design.

Been hauling ass trying to catch up on all the shit I was too sick or too retarded to work on the last two weeks. This is one for a band thats leaving for Chaos in Tejas this month. Ill post a photo of the actual shirt when its printed and shit.


More art coming soon. This week Im working on pages for a graphic novel which Im totally stoked on, and a poster for the bones project.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May, huh?

So, its my birthday and Im sick as fuck which is a real bummer, not only because I should be getting waste at my friends show tonight, but I really really cant afford to not be hauling ass working right now. I guess life has been a real roller coaster the last few weeks and I guess it makes sense that my poor body needs some time to relax.

I've been really bad at keeping up with internet shit, Im going to try and get better about that. I did post a couple things to myspace and such, but Ill have some more finished stuff pretty soon.

I finished Kevin's birthday present finally. The Anti Cimex reaper from the Raped Ass album. I hand painted it on the back of his old vest and Im pretty happy with the way it came out. Ill put up some more photos when/if he ever finished studding it.


Ive got some artwork coming out for 'Salted City' this week, Ill be able to post that as soon as they give me the 'go ahead', and Im going to start hauling ass on that graphic novel thing I keep talking about, so Ill have some of those next week too.

Mum in law sent me $50 for my birthday and forbid me to spend it on bills, so I bought an easel on craigslist and spent the rest on bunch of paint and Im going to try and make myself start painting again. I actually have a couple really cool ideas for some larger paintings, I dont really work very big very often, but I figure I should give it a shot while I have the space to do it.

More to come, when Im not feeling so shitty . Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Artshow Flier

Not bad for a wicked rush job on a drawing I was going to throw in the trash.


Art Show / New Work

hauling ass on a hand full of commission pieces and trying to get my show together. The artwork is up, the reception is going to be next Thursday April 15th from 9 to whenever Im drunk enough to have to call a cab home.

The reason for the odd timing is that I kinda wanted to take advantage of the Alberta art bullshit.

Here are two of the three pieces Ive been trying to get finished up so I can sneak them in before the reception. They both need a lot of work still, but Im not stressed out about it. Ive decided that Im just not going to worry about shit anymore. I find that Im actually more productive when I just dont give a shit. The third piece I mentioned I've abandoned because I decided I hated it.



Thursday, April 1, 2010

Working my ass off this week

Getting ready for that art show. I hang my shit up this weekend , I think Ill have a tiny reception next thursday if there is nothing else going on.

I've been working really hard on a couple bigger new pieces to hang up, this is not one of them, but Ill post photos when I get the chance for those who are not going to be able to make it to Oregon.

This is a crappy little guy I started during happy hour at a bar a couple weeks ago and decided I was going to work on it until I got bored. There are things I could do to make it better.

I also got a couple more band commissions which is awesome, and tattoos I gotta draw. I almost felt a little overwhelmed a minute ago, then I remembered that this is why I moved out here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

BoneFetish gets a new home!

Moved the Bone thing to a different store so TA is back to just art and shit.

Pretty much sums it up.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fast Death -Finally

The Fast Death self titled 7 inch is due to launch March 16th. Sneak peak of the cover...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Solo Art Show -April

So, I need some artist advice.

I have a solo show here in Portland in a couple months. I don't know what to do for it now that its booked. I've never had to organize this shit before. Do I book a band? Do I make fucking snacks? Sacrifice animals to the pagan gods? I was excited for the TrenchArt show that was supposed to happen this month but didnt. If I had a hand full of other jerks helping me out it wouldnt be so intimidating.

Im psyched because I go to the place its going to be at all the time, and it will be really cool to be able to show off a little. But Im a little nervous about the whole thing because Im not at all graceful when the center of attention.

My question to anyone bothering to read... What the hell do I do now? This is my first solo show and Im kind of lost.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bones, art show and super inexpensive artwork

Considering this for the logo design for 'Ornatus Discorporeal'. Its kinda boring? I cant quite figure out exactly how I feel about it yet.

OD Design SM

Now that Im actually catching up on a lot of the work I've promised folks, Ill be able to start taking on new projects. I have to focus on finding a job and building up a pile of awesome shit for MY ART SHOW THIS APRIL, but It would be nice to do some work for someone else in that pile somewhere and you know it'll be a quick turnover because I have a deadline already.

New (ish) album cover for 'Fast Death'


Does anyone want to use this for anything? I started it on the plane to boston last month for a contest I then totally lost interest in, but I like the drawing. Lemme know.


I have also started painting leather which, it turns out, is a giant pain in the ass, but I actually enjoy it. Heres the jacket I did for Buttcakes.

Ill have more coming out soon, they're just in progress. If anyone you know needs something sweet for their jacket hit me up.

There are way more bones up on the etsy page. Im going to have to raise the prices in March so now is a good time to snag that thing you've had your eyes on. Ive had a few custom orders for valentines gifts, so there you go. Beats crappy chocolate or pink boxers and it probably costs about the same.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bones Bones Bones

Ive been making these bone pieces for folks, and started putting them up for sale on etsy. Its going alright so far, but Im at a point where I really need to be designing some print material so I need a before I can make a logo to go on stuff.

'Ornatus Discorporeal'

Thats the closest thing I have to a name for my bone project so far. Thanks to Pitman. Without him Id have nothing.

Yet I fear commitment.

Any ideas for a sweet name are greatly appreciated.

Anyway, bones are a go! Check it out.

Im totally open to custom requests if anyone has an idea they would like to see, or they found a tooth they need to be made into a necklace that wont crumble to dust eventually. Ive always been a creep so I know how to taxidermy this shit. Honestly, tiny animal bones will always be fragile no matter what you do to them, but Ive come up with a way to make them a little more durable and way way longer lasting.

1.9.10 sm


12.9.09 Sm

(*Thanks go out to the lovely Halseycaust for being a very patient model.)

Im totally open to custom requests if anyone has an idea they would like to see, or they found a tooth they need to be made into a necklace that wont crumble to dust eventually. Ive always been a creep so I know how to taxidermy this shit. Honestly, tiny animal bones will always be fragile no matter what you do to them, but Ive come up with a way to make them a little more durable and way way longer lasting.

Im looking into casting them in adamantium but for now take good care of them.

Also, February is the Trench Art - Art Show at The Know on Alberta St. Portland OR.

This show is going to be featuring Keith Henderson and Elli Stefaniak so far, possibly more TBA. Ill have more information in the next few days regarding the actual opening and the rest of the details as well as the flier.

More to come...