Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some New Stuff & About Kicking My Own Ass

So, here I am again attempting to be a responsible adult and maintaining a blog. Im going to make it stick this time.

I don't have much news that I can mention yet, I have plenty that I am eagerly waiting on, but for now here are a few things I've finished up this past week.


Quick Acrylic painting I did, Ive been doing tons of face studies lately and was in the mood to play with color. 8x10" on canvas. Its hanging up in the tattoo shop now.


This one is acrylic ink on HP watercolor paper. Was supposed to be for a handbill style ad for the shop, that's why the letters look funny. I had to add them way after the rest of the image was finished. The actual handbill is going to have some digital elements to it (in theory anyway, lets see if they print it ever).

So, about kicking my own ass...

Ive been working on a couple of paintings in between other projects, the problem with doing large, involved paintings in between other things is that it takes forever so by the time its this far along it looks wicked inconsistent. Im still working obsessively to better both my technical and storytelling abilities, so these two pieces are great examples of me condemning myself to devastating failure, by outrunning myself.

Both were started almost a year ago, and right now my abilities and technique are changing so rapidly, they look like some sort of frankenstein nightmare.



My plan to remedy this; stop doing this to myself.

I cant use either of these for anything, including my portfolio because neither are finished, or any longer relevant.

If I'm going to work on a large, detailed, portfolio piece in between other things, I'm going to treat it with the same process i use on real jobs. The theory here is that Ill actually finish these things in a timely manner, on an actual deadline. Im hoping this will enable me to be able to use them in my portfolio use them in my portfolio, instead of just contributing to the huge reject pile in my basement.