Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moving my blog!

Its been a really long time since Ive mad a post and I have a lot to update. Ive been putting it off because I'm working on my new website! I'm really awful at this sort of thing so its taking a little longer then I wanted, but I'm excited anyway. There isnt much up there yet, but Im hoping to enlist some help from some more experienced talent in the next month or two. Ill post one or two more updates here in the mean time. But, in December I went back to Boston for the holidays. My wisdom tooth got infected the first day we were there, so I spent most of Xmas in bed, but after that things got better. The first week in January, in the middle of the night I got a phone call from my sister letting me know that my nephew had arrived! So I got to see him when he was about 9 hours old. That was crazy and weird and amazing. His name is Teddy and hes pretty awesome. Photobucket The Koward show new years eve was F#@%&n awesome! 'The Midway' hit capacity before the bands finished setting up and kids went nuts once things got going. There was stage diving, there were kids jumping off of the bar in the back and there at one point, all the people waiting outside just rushed the door and basically stormed the place despite the best efforts of the poor door guy. I got a couple short videos, unfortunately, the second part of the video was accidently deleted later in the evening when the camera got passed around. Koward is going to be playing at Chaos in Tejas this summer, Im not going to make it out and Im really disappointed about that. Its gonna be a really good show. That'll do for now Im sure, Ill make another post with more recent stuff before I move the blog over to the new site. Kevin plating video games. I have a lot of drawings like this. Photobucket