Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stroking my ego

So I had a feature on the PRISMACOLOR home page the other day. Its really not a big thing at all, but it sure as hell made an otherwise wicked shitty week a little better for me.

prismacolor is the company that makes the markers and colored pencils I use.

They have a techniques forum you can submit ideas to and get feedback from other artists and every week they pick someone they like. Last week it was me. I thought that was pretty fucking cool.



Thursday, July 8, 2010

Surviving the heat wave.

I guess Portland gets hot like, two weeks a year and this week is a record breaker. Its not as bad as Boston thats for damn sure, but its hotter here then its ever been while Ive been out here.

My intentions are to remain hidden in the basement drawing monsters until it cools off and starts to rain again.

Ive been drawing cthulu over and over again for some reason, I have like, seven versions of this drawing and I finally made the commitment to actually make a real effort.

Its far from even halfway done, but Im having fun with it.


Heres the study did for the mermaid that's going down on the bottom.


Im hoping to get a good chunk of it done this weekend before I have to focus on a bunch of the commission work Ive acquired. I'm doing two more murals now, so Ive really got my work cut out for me this month.