Sunday, December 6, 2009

A whole lot has happened in the last three months. Elli and the Trench Art HQ has relocated to 'sunny' Portland Oregon where we have finally found the perfect location for the workshop. It will take a little time to get the shop in running order, but there is still plenty of good stuff coming out over the next few months.

Trench Art as a group is on a bit of a hiatus but that doesn't mean nothing is happening, it just means that things have been hectic and are taking a long time. The delay is due in part to the upcoming new lineup of the crew. We're in the process of deciding who wants to keep going with the project and who is gonna be busy doing their own shit for a while. It'll take another few weeks/months, but there will be new artwork coming out, we're gonna announce some new projects and hopefully a couple events.

Me (elli) on the other hand have been crazy busy setting up some awesome shit for the very near future. The shop in particular. We will finally have the space to do what we want to with the distro, and then some. Im working on collecting the necessary supplies and tools to make or original plans possible. Its not going to happen over night, on accouna' Im fucking broke, but the great thing about portland is that everyone here is fucking broke, so folks are willing to trade shit and prices are pretty low.

The website is finished (more or less) and looks awesome, we'll be ready to launch once we've got the new lineup roughed out a bit more. The distro page should be up just after new years, there wont be much on it at first, but itll look sweet.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Trench-Art News

Look! we've got a blog!
Updates on old issues:

Oh yeah, we sold the old TA logo to Koward. They're using it now.

Our website, Trench-Art.Net, is still very much in the works, we've been meeting with the web designer working out a good way for elli to learn to moderate the posts and submissions without the internet lady around. Were also working on some layout and design issues that are sucking up a little time.
Should be ready soon, hopefully before the move.

Trench-Art is also relocating its HQ to the west coast. Portland Oregon to be exact, where hopefully there will be some additional opportunities for some new projects. There is going to be a period in the next couple months where some of the old artists might drop off the project and then some new ones might join. So that'll be interesting anyway, its going to be a little while until things settle down.

TA is now part of a collaboration of artists and writers working on a zine intended for use in event of the fall of society. "Apocalypse Punks Guide to Food Preservation" is a collection of articles and 101s on how to grow, prepare and preserve food and essentials the old fashioned way. Should prove to be an interesting project.

Apocalypse Punks Guide:

Contributing Artists (so far):