Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May, huh?

So, its my birthday and Im sick as fuck which is a real bummer, not only because I should be getting waste at my friends show tonight, but I really really cant afford to not be hauling ass working right now. I guess life has been a real roller coaster the last few weeks and I guess it makes sense that my poor body needs some time to relax.

I've been really bad at keeping up with internet shit, Im going to try and get better about that. I did post a couple things to myspace and such, but Ill have some more finished stuff pretty soon.

I finished Kevin's birthday present finally. The Anti Cimex reaper from the Raped Ass album. I hand painted it on the back of his old vest and Im pretty happy with the way it came out. Ill put up some more photos when/if he ever finished studding it.


Ive got some artwork coming out for 'Salted City' this week, Ill be able to post that as soon as they give me the 'go ahead', and Im going to start hauling ass on that graphic novel thing I keep talking about, so Ill have some of those next week too.

Mum in law sent me $50 for my birthday and forbid me to spend it on bills, so I bought an easel on craigslist and spent the rest on bunch of paint and Im going to try and make myself start painting again. I actually have a couple really cool ideas for some larger paintings, I dont really work very big very often, but I figure I should give it a shot while I have the space to do it.

More to come, when Im not feeling so shitty . Stay tuned.


  1. Looks tough as fuck. I had an Anti-Cimex shirt on under my suit when I got married.