Friday, December 16, 2011

Countdown to PIZZA!

But first:
Here is a Xmas Cthuhlu (or Cute-thuhlu, thanks to artist Shraya Shetty for being far more clever at naming images then I)that I drew for my little cousin. Someday Ill stick to doing one kind of thing and actually get someplace, but for now I think Im going to enjoy my life and draw whatever the hell I feel like and continue to chase my tail.


The time comes in every creative professional's life when they must make some hard, very grown up decisions. How the hell can I convince someone to build me an art portfolio site? Do I put my tattoos and illustrations stuff on the website? or do I struggle to maintain two separate sites?

I just don't know!

Anyway, I am definitely going to be working on content for another, more grown up blog, where I don't curse and ramble on about nothing as though nobody else can see. I'm getting to the point in my 'career' where the whole point is to get people's attention and try to hold onto it.

New blog will have process stuff for sure, but Ill probably hold out until the project is finished and post them in sequence instead of scattered all over. Also, I wont wait until after events happen to let my imaginary blog readers know that I had some part in them. Ill post things that I find interesting about other artists and art related news and such... you know, like real professionals do.


Next weekend my husband and I are returning to our 'beloved' home town of Boston Ma, to eat our weight in pizza, meatball subs and Adams' Family holiday fare.

While in Boston, my husband's band Koward is playing a few shows and doing some recording, so Ill be wandering around on my own catching up with some friends.

Hopefully, Ill get a chance to hang out with my new nephew, assuming the stork gets around to dropping him off in time.

That's how that works right? A stork in a mailman's uniform carrying a clean smiling tiny person. I read it in a book. It had pictures...

I also want to try and make it to a few of my favorite places. Museum of Fine Arts, The New England MuthaFukkin Aquarium, maybe the commons...

I haven't had a chance to do any oil painting this week and I probably wont have much time next week. I just have too many other projects on my plate.

I'm working on another record cover for Boston based band 'Fast Death' . I did a full color cover for their 7" a few years ago. This is going to be a CD cover (I think) and less extravagant, but it should be fun. Then I get to hang out with them in Boston next week!

Also been workin' on a few other projects that I cant really talk about as well.... SO here are some pages from my sketchbook. Most of them are on my FB page as well, but I hate FB.

My friend grant playing Poker. This is funny because he is the kind of guy who is always smiling and laughing. A gentleman of good humor and enabler of drunken hilarity. But late night poker games have a way of bringing out laser eyed mutant in all of us.

Also, as it turns out, he is not from Fondulac at all. I had miss remembered a past conversation.

Some old Irish guy I found in a National Geographic.

An idea for a character in some comic I doubt ill ever get around to writing.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dancer Drawing

I was bored one afternoon sitting in a coffee shop someplace and I began drawing this from a tiny little picture I found someplace of a belly dancer with blue hair. About half way through the drawing I had to leave and I managed to lose the picture I was working from and had to improvise the rest, including the face & hair.


It was intended to keep me from dying of boredom, but I'm kinda surprised and intrigued how it came out. Its much higher key then I usually work, There is no real 'dark' areas, and I didnt go too crazy over rendering or messing up the back ground.

Unfortunately the scanner didnt pick up any of the detail in the light areas, so it looks wicked washed out. Ill f* with it a little in photoshop tomorrow at work and see if I cant get it closer to the way it looks in person.


Because it was just for entertainment, I reverted back to my comfort zone media-wise, its watercolor and colored pencil on hot press watercolor paper, 10x14".

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Watching Paint Dry & Buttons

So, I was a totally dumb ass and forgot to mix some cobalt dryer into a lot of the white oil paint I had used last week, so Im going to have to skip working on it for another week. But this is what it is looking like at the moment (minus the spot where I poked it and smudged paint everywhere cuz I was pretty dure it would be dry by now).


So Im going to work on something else tonight or a little while. I have a few other pieces I have kind of abandoned in favor of this series. Ill try to post some shots of that later tonight.

Saturday I got my buttons from the "Hot 1" Action" button show last weekend! That was pretty cool. They sent me 20 buttons to do with as I please so, Ive given a few away already but Ive still got a bunch.

Hot 1" Action Dec 2011 SM

They invited me to participate in some trading card show next year, so I'll keep an eye out for that/ It could be fun.

More soon.