Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Falconer Painting Week 2

So I got a couple of hours or so in last night on this painting. Its one of my very first oil paintings and I'm really struggling with it, but Im excited so thats keeping me from setting it on fire.

Here is where I left if around 5am this morning.



I intend to get a few more hours into it today somewhere in between the time I finish my actual work and the time my husband gets bored playing 'call of duty' and starts interrupting me.

After work last night I spent a few hours with a small group of Portland illustrators, and got some really good insight into the world beyond my little spider inhabited cave (as well as a little bit of a hangover).

I knew there were some amazing artists here in PDX, but I had now idea how amazing some of them could be as people. It was such a relief to meet some mega nerds in real life and just get a chance to hang out and talk nerd shit without having to maintain some sort of 'cool facade'. Everyone was just psyched for a chance to get out of their studios and blow off some steam around other human beings and they had no problem with letting me just walk in and sit down with them.

Some had to get back to work, but others stayed to close out the bar around 2am, sharing some hilarious art & nerd stories as well as fascinating information (namely some suggestions on where to get a decent slice of pizza in this town!).

I had a great time and I look forward to the next hang out!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Falconer Painting

I started sketching this idea out in like May, but I finally got around to actually painting it last week.
The Drawing

Timidly attempting to add some value

Getting a little bolder (Drunker actually) and remembered I was going to try and make it an oil painting, so I could make the under painting as dark as I wanted.

Im trying to figure out a good system for oil painting for me and I see a lot of oil painters start their pieces with a mid tone. I do most of my drawings that way, so it kind of made sense, but Im so used to using watercolor and ink that I think I was a little afraid at first.

If I get all my work done tonight I want to start with oil paints tomorrow (yeah, right. Pig'll be flying through my studio).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Closing 'Dia de los Muertos' Show at Screaming Sky Gallery

So, Ive been pretty much completely absent from the internet for the last two months, but I promise Ive been really busy doing cool shit. Mostly tattooing, but Ive been painting as well.

The 'Dia De Los Muertos' show is over this week so I can probably post some photos that now.

The piece I had hanging:


This was one of the progress shots


The gallery opening was amazing. Im still waiting on my favorite photos from that one but for now you can check them out on fb, or:


Ive also been working on a few oil paintings that Ive had kicking around for a few months


and this week (like an asshole) I started yet another one, but Ill save those for other posts.