Sunday, April 3, 2011

Snow Painting Update

Alright, so Ive gone ahead and taken a couple photos of the in progress stages Ive dont so far. Im going to post this and tomorrow I'm hoping to get a chance to start painting.

Here is all the clutter Ive got on the drawing table. Thumbnail in the top left, wicked rough value study top right and then the quick drawing on a huge gessoed board. The photo cam out wicked dark, I apologize for that.

I never used to do thumbnails like this before, I don't know why, probably because I'm so impatient to get to the fun part, but from now on I do because they are really helpful. Same with the value studies, I kept them really rough, kind of more like a map you draw on a napkin at a bar for the cab driver getting your drunk ass friend home. Now I have that to look back at if I forget where I'm going while I'm painting.

Here are a couple quick studies of the main characters.


I really cant wait to get going, I wish I wasnt stuck at work today, as usual, Sunday appointment canceled. Stupid drunk Portland.

I'm really excited about this piece, mostly because its going to be my first real oil painting. An ambitious first perhaps... But Ive been doing a whole lot of reading on oil painting, and Ive been asking lots and lots of questions... I think Im ready. Lets see if I can make it happen.

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