Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Watching Paint Dry & Buttons

So, I was a totally dumb ass and forgot to mix some cobalt dryer into a lot of the white oil paint I had used last week, so Im going to have to skip working on it for another week. But this is what it is looking like at the moment (minus the spot where I poked it and smudged paint everywhere cuz I was pretty dure it would be dry by now).


So Im going to work on something else tonight or a little while. I have a few other pieces I have kind of abandoned in favor of this series. Ill try to post some shots of that later tonight.

Saturday I got my buttons from the "Hot 1" Action" button show last weekend! That was pretty cool. They sent me 20 buttons to do with as I please so, Ive given a few away already but Ive still got a bunch.

Hot 1" Action Dec 2011 SM

They invited me to participate in some trading card show next year, so I'll keep an eye out for that/ It could be fun.

More soon.

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