Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dancer Drawing

I was bored one afternoon sitting in a coffee shop someplace and I began drawing this from a tiny little picture I found someplace of a belly dancer with blue hair. About half way through the drawing I had to leave and I managed to lose the picture I was working from and had to improvise the rest, including the face & hair.


It was intended to keep me from dying of boredom, but I'm kinda surprised and intrigued how it came out. Its much higher key then I usually work, There is no real 'dark' areas, and I didnt go too crazy over rendering or messing up the back ground.

Unfortunately the scanner didnt pick up any of the detail in the light areas, so it looks wicked washed out. Ill f* with it a little in photoshop tomorrow at work and see if I cant get it closer to the way it looks in person.


Because it was just for entertainment, I reverted back to my comfort zone media-wise, its watercolor and colored pencil on hot press watercolor paper, 10x14".

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