Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Changed My Name & New TrenchArt Blog

Here's and update for ya'. Yesterday at the courthouse in Portland I married Kevin Adams in witness of two of our close friends.


We do intend to have a ceremony in the year or two, possibly two, one in PDX and then a 'real wedding' back in Boston. We're still working out those plans.

In addition, Ive separated this blog from the Trench Art Studio Project Blog, the metal/punk collaboration I have been trying to start for the last two years.

Moving across the country and beginning a new life has drastically slowed its progress, but there is hope yet!

As of mid- February, TA will be operating as an illustration studio out of Blackwater Records in SE Portland!! Halsey Swain ( Halseycaust )and I have already begun construction on the new space up above the record shop.

Halsey and I are going to be working on illustration out of there for the summer, we're looking to get one other local artist in the space, its it too amazing not to share. Ill have photos once we've set up a bit more.

Later Ill let folks in on what were going to be working on together this summer!


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